TCFS Artclass Multi Blender Brush

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  • Artclass Multi Blender Brush is a high-quality makeup brush that provides the softness and flexibility of 100% natural wool.
  • The brush is cut in a diagonal line with an angled tip, which helps sculpt a three-dimensional facial line.
  • The brush is perfect for detailed but natural-looking makeup.

[Blush] :

  • Pick up a small amount of powder blush with the brush and gently sweep onto cheekbones.

[Shading] :

  • For contouring, pick up a small amount of Artclass by Rodin Shading and apply on areas you want to slim and define, such as the hollows of your cheeks, temples, jawline, and the sides and tip of your nose. 
  • You may also contour body line by defining collarbones and cleavage
  • Animal cruelty-free brushes and faux leather pouch