TCFS Artclass By Rodin Finish Setting Oil Paper




  • Pat! Pat! A pact type blotting paper for long lasting fresh makeup! 
  • A convenient way to pat away excess sebum to keep your skin and makeup fresh.  100% Korean eco-friendly paper. 
  • Made with 100% Korean mulberry paper, thick and natural for minimal irritation while removing excess oil and sebum.
  • Touch up anytime with the embedded mirror and puff!  Easy to carry with pocket sized blotting paper while keeping sanitary.
  • 50 refill sheets included in package and compact can be reused with them.
  • Best used on all skin types.


  • Attach the oil paper onto the puff adhesive.
  • Lightly pat onto oily areas!
  • If stickiness of puff fades, peel the strip and replace.

100% Korean mulberry paper